Saturday, 1 April 2017

Things I've loved: March 2017

March 2017 was a big month for me, finally launching the blog I've been thinking about writing for the last few years. Here's a few of the other things I've loved this month:

1.       Gala Darling’s #marchismagical challenge
If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been participating in Gala Darling’s photo challenge “March is Magical” It’s all about getting excited about the start of spring and generally brightening up Instagram with loads of happiness and love. Check out my posts HERE

2.       Champagne cocktails with friends I haven’t seen for ages
My friends are dotted about all over the place, so it means I don’t get to see lots of them as much as we might like. This month I got to catch up with a couple of the girls in Birmingham for lunch, followed by several champagne cocktails!

3.       Watching beauty & the beast
I took my daughter Gemma, step daughter Maya and my sister to watch the new Beauty & The Beast film on its opening weekend. I’ve been signing ever since!

4.       Health hampers march subscription box
Check out my blog post HERE on this one, but basically it’s a monthly subscription to a box full of healthy gluten free treats.

5.       Temporary promotion at work
For the last few weeks I’ve had the chance to cover my managers job – its reminded me just how much I miss my pre-illness career, but such a milestone in getting back to work for me that I’m now capable of being successful in that role even if I am on part time hours.

6.       RAM group
Every other month my local CFS/ME service run a kind of support group for people who have been through the service for treatment, called Recovery and Management or RAM. It’s lead by an occupational therapist who brings in different people to talk to us, then we have an hour or so where we just sit around drinking tea and chatting. This month’s talk was about managing anxiety, particularly around the fear of over doing things leading to a crash and the fear of being judged as someone who is faking being ill because we’ve been seen to do something “normal”. They didn’t have any magic solutions put forward, just discussions on pacing yourself and getting adequate rest after over doing it. And to ignore all the judgemental, inconsiderate people out there and focus on ourselves instead 😊

7.       My afternoon at the hairdressers
I ended March in the hairdressers so now have my bright red hair back – love it!

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