Saturday, 10 June 2017


Back in November last year I went to the Mind, Body, Spirit festival in Birmingham and had my first experience of a sound bath. I'd never heard of it so had no idea what to expect when I went into the little round tent filled with cushions.

Anne Malone from Blue Muse led the session, encouraging everyone to close their eyes and breathe deeply. She played guitar, singing bowls and a gong. It was incredible - it was the first time I could remember my mind really being still. There was nothing but the sound and total relaxation. Afterwards I felt like I'd got totally clear on what I needed to do and how I could solve some problems I was dealing with at the time - it was a sudden absolute knowing and just so incredible. I had my aura photographed afterwards and I was totally zen!

Ever since then I've wanted to recreate that experience, but I wasn't about to start building a gong  or singing bowl collection of my own! There are several videos on YouTube which are great, but just weren't quite the same. 

Recently I heard about a "gong bath" held monthly not too far away from me, so armed with my yoga mat and a blanket, decided to go along and see what it was all about, hoping for a similar experience to that tent.

There were over 20 people in the room, all lying down on yoga mats, camping mats, rugs and blankets, many with pillows and eye masks too, all to enable them to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible before the session started. Phil from PM Gongs began the session by explaining why sound baths are believed to work and why they're called a bath - it's all about allowing the sound to wash over you and the impact the changing vibration has on your body. He talked us through his gongs and singing bowls before encouraging everyone to lie down and get comfy, close our eyes, breathe deeply and imagine golden light filling our bodies. 

He started with the gentle sounds of the bowls before increasing the vibrations using the gongs. It was deep and intense and completely fills your body and mind. I saw images that seemed to come from nowhere in my minds eye, and felt totally supported and safe. No sudden "knowing" this time around, but I loved it just as much! It felt like I was weightless, like I could just float away - it sounds like woo-woo madness but I'm totally sold! Whether it works as a healing modality I don't know, but for the relaxation and feeling I got from it I'll be going back next month!

Check out for more information on the benefits of sound healing.

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